Our feet touch the ground
we are joined by this contact

our work is about
the space between us
our impact on that space
how that space affects us
connects us
separates us
It is spatial
      co existence.

Our work is created from meticulous rhythms producing series upon series of sometimes extended, repeated actions, which hint at structural landforms, stability of life, of endless daily and seasonal routines. An immense strength built in simplicity.

  Plaid seen in Warsaw Gallery

PLAID (clear weave)

In this work we weave a tartan of fishing line and glue. Its transparency is significant; the colours of tartan identifying, representing and isolating a particular clan (family) or allegiance are not present. Our tartan is an open welcome to all. This transparent cloth offers no uniform or cover to hide behind.

The dichotomy of this work sees the blandness and danger of homogeneity in our modern world. The removal of cultural identity, political and geographical boundaries and the development of mass market fashion and consumption make us all look and behave the same. Yet the shadow the work creates and its response to light remain unique, offering hope in this transmigration of tradition.